Leap bus needs a tow on Day 2: Is there an app for that?


Update: A quick phone call to Courtesy Tow, who performed the removal seen above, confirms that the bus did, indeed, break down. It’s hard out there for a pimp bus.

Original post (March 19, 12:02 p.m.): Well, this is embarrassing.

While any number of words can be used to describe this unfortunate situation, such as “irony” or “schadenfreude,” it’s a little weird that this Leap bus broke, right? Did the people on it have to use Muni? Muni certainly doesn’t refund your cashola if the bus breaks (LOL!), but would the premium bus refund that premium fare? Or does it just roll out a red carpet as you exit the spotless vehicle? That doggie-looking logo is pretty cute, though, we reward points for that.

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Photo by Yarbs, on Spear near Howard


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