Muni appears in tattoo declaring love of San Francisco


Hot on the heels of our post yesterday about a guy whose tattoo honors his Muni-driving grandfather, Muni rider Matt sent us the following explanation.

Keeping with the theme of Muni tattoos, here’s another one to add to your collection.

I’m a transplant but fell in love with this city immediately upon moving here. I’ve decided I’ll die here one day. My sleeve is a tribute to the things in the city that played a part in my swooning for SF. The F line is one of the coolest things ever.

It’s not the first F-Market tattoo we’ve seen: This post was about an F-Market tattoo with the words, “The city is my sweetheart” inscribed below the streetcar.

Keep ’em coming, Muni and SF lovers!

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  • In hindsight, maybe I should have shaved the arm first. Forgot to add a shoutout to Jesse Tuesday of Tuesday Tattoo who did all the work.

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