What riding Muni says about life in San Francisco


It’s not hard to say what makes San Francisco San Francisco; it just might take you awhile. Muni is definitely one of those things, in and of itself. But there is also the revolving cast of characters that make up the drama on wheels that is Muni.

  • “I’ve never actually been to a Trader Joe’s, I’m such a Whole Foods person” OH #CaliforniaCablecar
  • “I’m gonna pop my collar one time and test my pedigree.”
  • Girl across from me is putting stye drops into her eye while on the bus… Is this safe? #muni #SafetyFirst
  • #muni Woman taking up two seats on the M outbound is eating a corn dog. Good morning!
  • Witnessing a serious flirting situation on the 38L. I’m rooting for them, gotta say. #SFMuni

Why? Because, Muni. This week’s Things on Muni is brought to you fellow riders @shereen_ia, @gene_of_sf, @mariazilberman, @lilyofthecity, and @amandaatkins. These and other oddball hilarities await you at the Muni Diaries’s Twitter feed.

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Photo by Archie

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