Stationery rant decries moving violation on Muni


You know, I was just lamenting how no one writes letters anymore! Here’s a transcription of this vintage passive-aggression (or aggressive-aggression):

You have just gang raped me with that rapping. [Ed note: Or is it “napping”? Because that would be funnier.]

This is a public space—my day should not be ruined by that crap.

It is also illegal to play that radio so loud.

While this offers plenty of opportunities for rich commentary, I leave you with just a couple pro tips this Monday:

1) As scary as it can be, maybe try good old-fashioned *tap* “Excuse me?…” before grabbing the stationery.

2) As a woman, language enthusiast, and mocker of penned hyperbole: Don’t use “gang raped” metaphorically. Seriously.

Thanks to Muni rider Ashley, who posted this to our Facebook page.

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