Check out this visionary Muni Metro map


File under: We Can Dream, Can’t We?

Not content with SF’s status as woefully lacking when it comes to underground transit, Elliott Spelman took to whatever fancy computer program people use nowadays and made a Muni Metro map that dreams are made of. Look at that coverage! Check out them color-coded lines! Start fantasizing about days spent roaming the 49-square-mile landscape with ease!

And yeah, there’s a lot of acreage that would still be under-served in Elliott’s world. That’s okay. This is a great first draft.

How would you modify or add to this fantasy Muni map?

Other Bay Area alternative-universe transit maps include the Thrillist map of bars near Muni Metro stopsThe Muni Metro Map: Caffeinated, and Mario BART Map.

h/t Radio Alice

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