BART plans to halt SF-East Bay service for track work


Addressing the problem of SOMETHING IS THE MATTER WITH BART OMG, the system plans to cease transbay service later this summer for some long-overdue track work. SFGate has the story:

BART is preparing to halt all train service between San Francisco and the East Bay over the upcoming three-day Labor Day weekend — and the first weekend of August as well — for what is being billed as “critical track maintenance” near the entrance to the system’s Transbay Tube.

“We plan to have a substantial ‘bus bridge’ available for BART passengers traveling between Oakland and San Francisco” during the anticipated five days of service disruptions, BART Assistant General Manager Kerry Hamill said in a memo sent to Bay Area transportation agencies.

Well then. It’s not like we really wanted to go to Oakland or anything*.

Read the full story at SFGate.

JK. Oakland is rad. Hella, even.

Photo by Michael Dunn

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