Don’t like Muni? Then don’t ride it


Muni rider Vira has had enough. She overheard “Startup Douche” (term of affection) dispatching a plea for help from aboard the 38R recently. Her recollection:

“Dear Startup Douche, I overheard your phone conversation on the 38R this morning. Couldn’t help it since you talked so loudly. You how you despise MUNI [sic], how you’re probably going to get a staph infection from holding onto the pole. For some people, MUNI [sic] is the only form of transportation. I’m sure we’d all like to take a private car from A to B. But most of us can’t. I would tell you to take your privilege elsewhere. But since you’re also riding MUNI [sic], you don’t have any. Nice try acting like you’re above us.”

Perhaps Mr. Douche mistook the cardinal rule of being a regular Muni rider: Ride, but complain. Love to hate; hate to love. That, or maybe he has an Android phone and therefore can’t use Leap. Wait a second!


  • Ha, I think this person was on my 1 California the other night, too.
    Muni rules! (sometimes!)

  • Dexter Wong

    I hope that he wasn’t trying to emulate the guy in the Miller High Life commercial.The one where the speaker talks about being rich while being shown doing something poor.

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