Get ready to pay even more for Muni in July


Starting July 1, many fares for riding Muni will increase. Yes, you’ve heard this before. No, it isn’t dejá vu.

KTVU has the details:

On July 1, select cash and Clipper fares, as well as some major fees and fines will increase, SFMTA officials said.

The discount cash fare for persons with disabilities, youth and seniors will increase from 75 cents to $1.

Adult “A” monthly fast passes for Muni and BART within San Francisco will increase from $80 to $83. Adult “M” monthly fast passes for Muni only will increase from $68 to $70.

Monthly Muni passes for persons with disabilities, youth and seniors will increase from $24 to $25.

The Lifeline monthly pass for low-income residents will increase from $34 to $35.

A single cable car ride ticket will increase from $6 to $7.

Lastly, a school coupon booklet worth 15 Muni tickets will increase from $11.25 to $15, according to agency officials.

A brief history of recent Muni fare hikes (using Fast Pass “M” passes as measure):

  • September 1, 2014: “M” pass increased from $66 to $68 (Single Ride Adult Fare increases from $2 to $2.25)
  • July 1, 2013: “M” pass increased from $64 to $66
  • July 1, 2012: “M” pass increased from $62 to $64
  • July 1, 2011: “M” pass increased from $60 to $62

$10 in four years. I could go on, but it’s too early to drink, even for me.

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  • I’m on the Muni “Seniors Ride Free” program. I heard that my fare will double.

  • What a scam! Fare increases & the bus service sucks as well the buses still look like crap!!!

  • Maybe they should increase service and reliability before they start raising the prices AGAIN.

  • D.

    And just WHERE is that money going!!?? It sure as FUCK isn’t for better service!!! Oh yeah there’s now the 38R which is just as shitty as the original 38L.

    We all know the money DIDN’T go for security cameras that ACTUALLY FUCKING WORK!! And where are the supposedly plain clothed cops who are supposed to be keeping things safe!!??

    Where the FUCK were they when THIS happened!!??

    Oh yeah SFMTA says they can’t seem to find ways to save money and have to increase fares to keep up with inflation and all. If that’s the case WHY THE FUCK DO THEY HAVE TO LEAVE THE MOTORS RUNNING WHILE THE BUSES ARE IN THE YARD!!?? Think of the money that could be saved by SHUTTING THEM OFF WHILE PARKED!!!

    When was the last time there was an audit of MUNI!!?? Why don’t they have a barcode system for maintenance?

    Remember when we voted NOT to automatically give drivers a raise whether or not they rated it!? Well guess what, mayor ed lee went behind our backs and gave it to them anyway.

    Yeah SFMTA wants us out of our cars and to take public transportation but IT DOESN’T FUCKING WORK!!!

    Let me guess, whoever got the contracts to *make* and install the plastic placards put up all over the place heralding the new “R” lines are the so called “talented” friends of willie brown and rose park……..

    City hall wants to save money? Take away the city owned cars given to the board of supervisors, the mayor, and all other department heads.

    FUCK YOU SFMTA!!!!!!

    • Dexter Wong

      I don’t think Willie Brown had anything to do with those placards. He’s so over Muni that he is backing driverless cars.

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