Muni driver’s kindness warms a rider’s heart


My favorite flavor of amazing is the kind you don’t expect. Over on the Muni Diaries Facebook page, rider Mike shared this story about Muni driver Yuan going above and beyond.

“Last night his act of kindness toward a blind man who got on the bus while I was riding was so heartwarming it brought tears to my eyes. It was a live version of something you might read or see on the internet. When the blind man got on the bus, he seemed to be a little stressed out as he sat down across from me. At the next stop or so, he got up and kindly asked the driver if he would help him with his money because he could not see how much he had. He then handed the driver a waded up handful of bills.

“I paid close attention at this point as the driver straightened out the bills, counted them, and explained to the man how much money he had and the order he had put the bills in for him. As the man sat back down, you could see signs of relief and much less stress. Once he got off the bus, I asked Yuan if the man was a friend. He told me he had only known him for the short time he had been riding his bus.”

Damn, Yuan, way to rack up the karma points.

Photo by SBT4NOW

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