The first-ever Muni crash, documented


Do you like history? I like history.

Peter Hartlaub, Muni Diaries Live veteran and Chronicle writer, sends us the harrowing 1913 tale of a runaway streetcar, a “heavy motor truck,” and a bread wagon. No humans died, though two were injured. And the bread wagon’s horse became the first Muni fatality (that we know of). From SFGate:

“A runaway streetcar careening down three city blocks. A wagon full of bread that is obliterated into splinters and croutons. Terrified passengers, and a new driver in total control despite his massive head wound.”

Whoa! My favorite part might be that the “motorman” for Municipal Railway lived in a hotel.

Check out the post on SFGate for more exciting details. #cantmakethisup

Image courtesy SF Chronicle

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