Future Muni poster slips through wormhole, arrives in present day


Yeah, we don’t know, either. Maybe we should put our best little-kid minds to work cracking this code, though I’m a little scared of what it actually means.

Here are some other examples of Muni and BART sign hackage you might’ve missed:

BART sign hack: Dancing, singing, art, play
Public transit sign hack: Station agent ass stance
Muni Signage Hack: Move Where?

h/t Paul: “Someone, please help me decipher what’s going on here.”

One comment

  • I wrote about this recently on my blog after cracking (most of) the code.

    A few hints for puzzle solvers:

    * Don’t overthink it, it’s a simple letter substitution cipher
    * Stay away from Reddit! Some folks there have posted spoilers
    * Nuni’s Instagram account “therealnuni” has plenty more examples

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