One designer’s pro-woman rebuff against manspreaders


The antidote to manspreading on public transportation is, as we should have known, the big V.

Designer Rachel Feinberg’s so-called Pussy Pouch, featured in Refinery 29, aims to make would-be manspreaders clam up before they even think about committing crimes against shared space.

Check out all of the empowering accessories from Feinberg’s brand, DAMNsel, and consider adding one to your arsenal. Let’s call this the workaround until and unless transit agencies (looking at you, San Francisco) start cracking down on the manspreading phenomenon.

Image courtesy Refinery 29


  • omg if they teamed up with timbuk2 or rickshaw, I would have a new everyday bag

  • nevermind the women in 3 consecutive rows passively aggressively taking the outside seat, nevermind the adolescents in the senior seating up front…..people like talking about crotches; that’s the only reason this gets press. People don’t really care about etiquette on the bus here, who don’t know that?

  • Lucifer's Left-Hand Man

    1) Bitches should try walking around with their ovaries hanging outside their bodies sometime.
    2) Cunts seem to think the seat next to them is meant for their unnecessary oversized second purse. Can we make an issue of that?

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