Supe. Wiener: Moar subways in San Francisco, pls!


Not content with the ever-progressing Central Subway, Castro Supervisor Scott Wiener wrote recently about the need for more tunnels under the surface of our fair city.

San Francisco has a lackluster history of subway construction. BART was built forty years ago as a regional transportation carrier and bored a tunnel along a short section of Market Street, from the Embarcadero to Civic Center, and then extending south through the Mission to Daly City. Muni’s Metro tunnel, which serves as Muni’s only subway line, runs up Market Street and through Twin Peaks to West Portal. That’s it. One Muni subway line in forty years. Neither San Francisco’s west side, north side, nor southeast has subway service, instead relying on slow and traffic-obstructed service by bus or above-ground light rail.

Sing it.

Writing on, Wiener goes on to add his voice to support a second Transbay Tube, as well as a subway that connects SF’s western neighborhoods to downtown and one that stretches to the southeastern part of the city.

The whole article, San Francisco Should Always Have a Subway Under Construction, is worth your time.

What do you think? Should we move more transit underground?

Photo by TJ Gehling

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