Video: Old-timey Muni buses in action

It was throwback weekend recently for Muni.

YouTube’s Party of the Third Part posted video of our friend and Muni Diaries Live favorite Driver Doug taking the wheel of one of the fleet’s 1969 buses. There’s another video of Muni Heritage Weekend, this one of the adorable boat tram, here.

Oh, Driver Doug. You’re such a consummate pro.

And because seeing him drive isn’t enough, come listen to Driver Doug dish out more rider tips and Muni driver insights this Saturday at the Elbo Room. He’ll be joined on stage by some charming and hilarious Muni storytellers. And the Muni Haiku Battle will get a surprise new twist!

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  • Dexter Wong

    The GMCs were the first bus designed to run on all Muni lines (regardless if they were hilly, average or freeway). The previous Macks were divided into hilly line buses, average line bus and freeway buses. But to do this the GMC came with large engines and the Jacobs engine brake (“Jake Brake”) used on large trucks. This caused these buses to rumble loudly as they came down hills. They were in the Muni fleet from the late 60s to the 80s.

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