Left behind on BART


I always wanted to work at Six Flags when I was a kid. It wasn’t the roller coasters that attracted me—I scrounged up enough for a season pass every summer from about age 11–15, so I was good. No, I always wanted a front-row seat to all the crap people left behind.

SFGate talked with BART officials to see what people leave on trains.

“We get everything from teeth to wheelchairs to prosthetic limbs,” said BART Manager of Transportation Tera Hankins. “Pretty much anything someone could lose, we see it.”

Can you imagine your friend showing up to the party, and you’re all, “Hey, nice to see you. Where’s your leg, dude?”

Here’s a partial list of things people have left on Muni buses and trains:

Lost on Muni: Wallet, computer, blue teddy bear
Wallet Lost, Wallet Returned!
Muni driver returns lost briefcase
Pants, Check: Lost and Found on Muni
Be Mime: Lost Wallet on Muni Leads to Love

Read the rest of the SFGate post here.

Photo by Russell Mondy

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