Muni Halloween costumes over the years


Monday’s post about the MOST ADORABLE kid in the world dressed up as a Muni LRV (and his mom as a Clipper Card) inspired me to dig through our archives for other examples of people dressing up as Muni on purpose. Halloween, y’all!

So, here you go. First up, these dudes are stone-cold brothers in driving Muni. One vest, one jacket. Gotta love.

Photo by reedtarded

Transfer Lady!

Photo by Lorena

A more-subdued Muni driver, though methinks I detect a half-smile?

Photo by luisamiller

I mean, the look isn’t down-pat, so maybe dude isn’t a bus driver. But Dirty 30, represent!

Photo by Wayne Grout

Finally, totally shameful plug, but that’s yours truly as the Fast Pass and none other than Muni Diaries Live emcee Tara in her Clipper Card best.

Photo by Capp Street Crap

If you spot people dressed as Muni this weekend, or even just dressed up as something interesting on Muni, you know the drill.

Happy Halloween!

Top photo by Nicole Grant

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