Board passes San Francisco citywide subway vision


This seems like a big deal.

Back in September, we told you about Supervisor Scott Wiener’s post calling for subways all over San Francisco. Well, funny thing happened at City Hall the other day: the Board of Supervisors approved two new measures that aim to bring subways all over San Francisco. UpOut has the story:

The SF Board of Supervisors just approved two new measures to remedy the gridlock. The Subway Master Plan will eventually expand BART and Muni throughout the city.

[…] The Subway Master Plan will develop long-term solutions for improving public transportation and offer accessibility to more residents.

The Transportation Sustainability Fee was also approved. For the first time ever, property developers will be required to pay transit impact fees. This will generate an estimated $1.3 billion over 30 years by regulating new market-rate housing construction. That adds up to $44 million annually, which will be directly funneled to transportation improvements.

Cool. So, think general. The specifics can be worked out by specifics-minded people in the future. Maybe they could start with the drool-enducing, visionary San Francisco subway map at the top of this post.

The whole story on UpOut is worth your time, if the idea of hella subways in San Francisco excites you the way it excites me.

Image by Elliott Spelman


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