The many ways Star Wars has ‘awakened’ on Muni


*deep breath*

It’s finally here. Star Wars: The Force Awakens opens in theaters tonight (official opening is Friday, but why wait?). This has to be, like, theeeeee most anticipated movie since … the last round of Star Wars movies. Those went well, right*?

What better way to celebrate the new movie in our bright little corner of the Internet than to revisit those times that Star Wars has show up on Muni? We can’t think of one, either.

Above, hecka stylish dude might just have Darth Vader’s helmet in his box on Muni Metro (photo by Philip). We’ve seen that the helmet makes an appearance in The Force Awakens, so …

Chewbacca has made multiple appearances over the years on Muni and BART:

Chewbacca is concerned about your Muni etiquette (image by Leanne):


May the Fourth be with you, on Muni and everywhere (image via 7×7):


Chewy says, “Get on the train, dude!” (photo by ryanchua83):


There was that one time someone staged a little sticker Star Wars scene on a Muni bus. Kill-me-level cute (photo by Freshmixx):

muni star wars

Someone once spotted the wise old Jedi Obi-Wan Kenobi on Muni, obv on his way to find the best fighter pilot in the galaxy (photo by @dalbizo):


And lastly, Admiral Akbar telling us what we already knew about Muni (photo by khardy) …


OK, you guys, buckle up. Shit’s about to get real. If you see anything Star Wars-related on Muni, be sure to share it here!

* No, they did not and your opinion is wrong if you disagree

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