BART as appliance delivery vehicle


We’ve all been there. We need new appliances, but we’re all, “Cool, but HOW DO I GET THIS THING HOME?” Good question, dear consumer.

The answer, of course, more times than not, is to rent a dolly and wheel the damn thing home yourself on public transit. That’s what elevators are for, silly!

BART rider Anthony tipped us off to this one. But then, pretty much everyone started sharing photos, like this one from Viral Images:


So, there’s your answer.


  • Dexter Wong

    From the looks of the pictures, it appears the refrigerator is being moved during non-peak hours. Imagine the dirty looks and accusations if he tried to do that during peak hours when BART is jammed tight with passengers.

  • Crista Derzi

    Crazy lol. I just hope ya’all had the permissions of this guy and BART before taking such embarrassing shots.
    Otherwise, expect a lawsuit or three…

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