Super Bowl Dogs on Muni and BART


Okay, confession: We don’t run this site because we love public transit and how it’s the place so many of our lives intersect, how it’s a great San Francisco shared experience, or sometimes, how it’s just plain funny AF. No, we started Muni Diaries because we love dogs. Plain and simple. We love dogs.

Now that that’s established, let’s take a look at some of the visiting dogs who are here for Super Bowl security. We’ll start with Gera, a beautiful TSA K9 seen above on a BART platform. Good girl, Gera!

Next is Toro, another TSA K9. Toro is seen (below) standing guard at the SFO Station:


Finally, and something about this is heartwarming, Muni rider Daniel spotted this LA County Sheriff K9 on a Muni Metro:


So, say what you will about all the headaches and bloated taxpayer costs of the Super Bowl. At least we have these rad pups in town standing guard over us all. Good dogs! And remember: No petting!

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