What’s the best place for a Muni bus stop?


Ever notice how some Muni bus stops are on the near side of the intersection and some are past the intersection, on the far side? A recent article from The Atlantic’s Citylab blog suggests that there might be a reason for this.

According to a study cited by Citylab, there are three types of bus-stop placement: near-side, far-side, and mid-block. And, as you probably guessed, there are pros and cons to each.

From Citylab, “[N]ear-side stops take more time than far-side ones, by somewhere between 4.2 and 5.0 seconds …” There’s a whole lot of transit-planning “Greek” in the article, but it’s worth checking out if you think Muni could do a better job of 1) placing its stops and 2) keeping the system running more smoothly and effectively. And I’m gonna guess that those two things interest you. Just a hunch.

Photo by @cara4art

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