SFMTA employee on leave after flipping out and using the N-word on camera

Oh, man. Just horrible. This SFMTA employee has been put on leave after flipping out over losing a parking spot and then using the N word on camera. The video was taken by the friend of the woman who was trying to park downtown when the Muni operator in uniform rolled up in his car:

Racist, ignorant, Muni bus driver gets mad at me for taking an open parking spot!! This happened today, May 9, 2016, next to the SF Muni: Kirkland Division, on Powell st. I am reporting this to the SFMTA HR department and posting it on KRON4 news website. People like this make me sick!

The SFMTA worker in uniform called her the N word, to which she replied, “What?” The man repeats the slur, and Mayra told him that she is not even black. He says, “Doesn’t matter, it’s a mentality.”

KTVU has the follow-up story of SFMTA placing the employee (not certain that he’s a driver) on leave. Shortly after that report, the SF Examiner says that they’re moving to fire the dude.

I can’t even …

h/t Shaun

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