Muni app to get ‘Rate My Ride’ feature soon


SFMTA announced recently that its Muni Mobile transit ticketing app will get a new feature this summer: Users will be able to rate their Muni rides, providing the agency with feedback.

Here’s what SFMTA has to say about the new feature:

Rate My Ride will allow you to provide specific feedback about any Muni trip in seconds.With a simple click to the left or right, you can rate your trip time, vehicle conditions and even the etiquette of fellow riders.

From the graphic they provided (above), it looks like the app will be icon- and text-based. Probably smart. If they were to leave it open to riders writing their feedback, well, how big a can of worms or Pandora’s box would that be?

Also, I’m 12, sure. But this all immediately reminded me of Rate My Poo, which, to my amazement, is still around.

Anyway, good luck collecting the feedback, Muni!

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