A ‘rat-ical’ Muni experience

It is important to me that everyone sees this

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This isn’t exactly like the last time we documented a mouse on Muni. Just ask an unnamed Muni Diaries editor, who refused to put this post together due to acute heebie-jeebies.

Rats on Muni are like hair. In the right context, hair is lovely, worthy of a positive anecdote with a smile. Personally/as coping mechanism, I like to envision this fella more like Remy in Ratatouille, attempting to make his mark in an intensely culinary part of the world. And look at that face. lookatthatface.

In the wrong context — like, I dunno, when a rat gets loose in a New York City subway train — it is the absolute worst thing ever.

Where do you fall? While you noodle on that, consume some heebie-jeebies antibiotics, including: a cat on a leash at a Muni stop, stone-cold iguanas giving zero fucks on the bus, and the living, breathing representation of a Google search for “happiest dog in the whole wide world.”


  • Dexter Wong

    The video appears to show a man with his pet rat, so it is not that awful. If it showed a man who found a wild rat crawling on him that would be awful.

  • I am the person in this video, and Fuzz (pictured) is one of seven pet rats that i love like they were my own children and i would like to say a couple things.

    I understand that some people were badly raised in dirty homes full of squalor, and subsequently they see rats as pests because they don’t know how to keep a home clean enough to avoid rodent squatters. That’s all fine and good. But you know what’s UNIVERSALLY disgusting, regardless of how you were raised? It’s people like this who shoot videos of people without their knowledge or permission and against their will, then post it to their instagram accounts to talk smack about some total stranger and their pet.

    It’s like i always say… RATS: Either you love them madly or you don’t know a damned thing about them. At least i don’t go around filming total strangers without their knowledge or permission so i can upload the footage and try to feel okay about being a jackass by belittling someone i’ve never even met.

    The person who filmed this is a repulsive excuse for a human being, and i have a great sense of satisfaction, pride, and accomplishment knowing that my rats and i make her commute unpleasant on a regular basis.

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