Bus driver loves driving the bus so much, she got a rad tattoo


From the “I Wish I Loved My Job That Much” files comes the story of a Minneapolis bus driver who freaking loves the eff out of her job.

The Star Tribune has more about Angi Stevens, a five-year veteran Metro Transit transit driver:

“It’s been a hit,” said Stevens, 29, of Minneapolis. “Some people think I’m crazy. Others think it’s cool. Many people talk about it. I look down at this and say this is what I do and I’m really good at it.”

Stevens won Minneapolis’ bus “roadeo” (Muni started doing this again recently, btw—see here). The former bartender got the tattoo to celebrate her fifth anniversary driving the bus in Minneapolis. The whole Star Tribune story about Stevens is worth a read.

While we’re unaware of Muni drivers with bus tattoos, plenty of you have shown your Muni love with body art over the years:

Muni Neck Tattoo

Photo by t.twelve

Muni Transfer Tattoo Honors Family, Bernal Heights

Another Muni worm tattoo surfaces

Photo by Sara

Tattoo honors Muni driver grandfather

In this corner, Muni Haiku challenger’s kickass streetcar tattoo

Add another to the Pantheon of Muni tattoos

Photo by Luna

Kickass Tattoo Honors Folsom, Muni

People are still getting Muni transfer tattoos

Photo by David

h/t our good friend Ed, formerly of @BARTDiaries fame

Top photo by Tim Harlow

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