This is not the type of car Muni imagined for its tunnels


Well, well. Lookee there, wouldya? Muni rider Reece floated this one over to us via Here’s Reece:

I was waiting for the N with my pup when a woman suddenly zooms into the Muni tunnel. ~10 minutes later, we see her trying to back out (she was stuck), with an inbound N hot on her heels. It took a good 5 minutes (and lots of yelling from the Muni workers) before she freed herself.

The rivalry between Muni and automobiles continues …


  • Dexter Wong

    Sheesh, I thought that every tunnel portal had signs saying Muni Only, No Autos.

    • derp

      they do have signs. in fact, most of them are lit up with LEDs so bright that they are practically impossible to miss. that is, unless you are heavily inebriated or heavily stupid.

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