There will be no more paper Muni transfers in the near future


First, they came for our paper Fast Passes, and we did nothing. Well, we did things*

Now, they’re coming for our paper Muni transfers! We will not stand for this! (But, of course, we will stand for this). SFBay has the story:

The current fareboxes, which date back to 1991, will be replaced with machines that can print real-time passes as soon as Muni riders pay their fare. As reported by SFBay, the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency has been shopping through proposals from potential contractors since last year.

San Franciscans have been making things out of the transfers for years. And the more crafty among us have been splicing and dicing transfers to squeeze a little more time out of the suckers.

Good times, they end. [sad face]

Read the full story on SFBay and cry in your soup with us.

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Photo above by David

One comment

  • D.

    Yeah I’m sure they’ll work as well as the so called “rapid” buses…

    Rapid instead of Limited = same old same old….

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