They’re just like us: Oakland A’s players on BART

Photo: CSN Bay Area Sports’ Brodie Brazil’s Facebook page

This isn’t a “who’s the asshole manspreading in the disabled seats” post — no, no, there is a special circle of Muni Diaries shame for those. Look closer, sports fans.

Per CSN Bay Area Sports’ Brodie Brazil, Oakland A’s pitcher Sonny Gray and outfielder Billy Burns, standing left, are hella taking BART. Major delays were predicted due to Bay Bridge construction, and these guys are clearly paying attention.

A reader/rider on the scene, who says this was taken after Monday night’s Battle of the Bay matchup against the Giants, commented on Brazil’s FB post, saying they were “so unassuming and could have been mistaken for regular college guys with their backpacks on!”

Those backpacks don’t happen to be designed by other Oakland A’s teammates and prominently (boldly, fantastically) feature unicorns?

Bonus: Gray is featured in the green-collar baseball ad near the middle of the pic.

(h/t: A’s fan Ericka. Go, Giants.)

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