Muni streetcar names of the past and present, visualized and explained


Streetcars! Maps! Histories! Oh, my!

San Francisco architect Randolph Ruiz (whose work we’ve featured before: “Am I riding a Muni bus, streetcar, or subway?“) sent over the map you see above. He calls it SF Muni in 1932—some of the missing letters.

If the visual isn’t enough for you, as awesome as it is, over on Muni’s site, Aaron Bialick’s wrote a history of Muni’s rail lines through the years, which helps to explain why there’s an E and an F, but no A–D. There were G, H, and I lines once upon a magical time. There was a J that didn’t have anything to do with Church. And there was an O that ran along Union Street.

Check out Aaron’s post for a deeper explanation of the Muni rail lines and why they aren’t around anymore.

Image by Randolph Ruiz

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