‘Nowhere in Particular’: Art by Driver Doug on view now


Were you lucky enough to learn the ins and outs of driving a Muni bus when Driver Doug graced the stage at Muni Diaries Live not once, but twice? No? Well, lemme just tell you, you missed out. Dude has the best insights on how to drive and ride the bus in San Francisco. He’s also written books on the topic.

Now, he’s showing the photos that the art in those books is based on. Here are the details:

Nowhere in Particular: Art by Driver Doug will be showing August 18th through September 19th at the Castro Country Club, 4058 18th Street.

A word from the artist:

“It’s been three years since “The Dao of Doug: The Art of Driving a Bus” has been published and I have learned so much about editing, marketing, podcast and audio recording. So I thought, what is the next best thing I can do to put myself out there and show my creative self to you? The answer came back through my friends in recovery. Post an art show of wall art from photos used as illustrations in my book mixed with natural scenes of beauty from places visited when I’m off the bus and away from traffic. 

On the wall are canvas wrap and semi-gloss photo prints of various sizes jam packed on a wall like cars on a freeway. I hope you like the images I have selected and let’s talk. I hope to create an opportunity to hang wall art at a reasonable price. 8″ x 10″ prints start at $50, with larger print collage semi-gloss photo frames of 20″ x 30″ available for $200.”

Photo by Kevin Wong

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