Muni driver reportedly assaulted via skateboard to the head

Pic by Flickr user Paul Sullivan
Muni rider Sloane sent us a harrowing story about a driver vs. passenger assault on Muni, which took place on her 47-Van Ness on Tuesday afternoon. From her public (shareable) Facebook post linked above:

…all of a sudden, the skater hits the driver in the head with his board, hard. People are crowding around and he yells some shit I can’t hear and then skates away. The man sitting behind me took a video, sent it to the police and was on the phone reporting it. We all exit the bus and the driver is sitting up front, gushing blood and in shock, trying to reach someone over the radio.

SFMTA spokesman Paul Rose confirmed the incident, which took place at 4pm Tuesday at Van Ness and Bush on an inbound 47. The Muni operator suffered lacerations to his forehead and was taken to Kaiser.

Rose tells us SFMTA is pulling video from the bus to help aid SFPD in its investigation.

This isn’t the first time in recent past a Muni driver suffered fight-related injuries on the job. And it won’t be the first or last time we remind everyone to stay safe — and to remember that a being a Muni operator can be a rough job. We’ll end with some too-true words from Sloane’s post: “I have no idea what instigated this but assaulting a public servant is really damn shitty.”


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