Muni bus goes back to the future …


*Deep breath*

Ahhhhh … remember when? When, you ask? Back when we eagerly upgraded from clunky (but oh-so-awesome) Walkmans and Discmans to Apple’s shiny, sleek, magical “iPod”? Back when, well, first of all, back when we read books. And there were these dinosaurs roaming our cityscape called “bookstores.” And we could morph into Scully or Mulder with a freakin’ flappin’ flip-phone.

Those were the days, indeed.

Muni rider Jack rode a 6-Parnassus last week and his bus had ads for ALL. OF. THE. ABOVE. A true mobile museum, that.

If you had to peg a date for these ads, what would your guess be? Mine is late-2004. Like, maybe right after Bush the Younger was re-(but really for the first time)-elected*.

Jack says:

I saw these ads on a 6-Parnassus yesterday. Yep, in 2016. It hit me right in the feels. If you’ll excuse me, I’ll be listening to From Under The Cork Tree.

Thanks, Jack!

ipod razr

*Or not?


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