Do you chat with strangers on Muni?


This strikes me as one of those “some do, most don’t” type of things.

The title of this post is a question based on this story of a young bloke who tried to get people talking to one another on the London Underground. The probably noble effort, however, didn’t go as planned:

Jonathan Dunne, who is originally from the US, says it was “difficult” to even get commuters to take one of the free pins.
“I think I could have been handing out £5 notes and the same amount of people would have taken them,” he tells Newsbeat.

The BBC’s Newsbeat has the story.

Free pin or not: Is random, spontaneous chatting on Muni or BART something you would do?

Pic courtesy BBC

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  • MattyJ

    Public transport has traditionally been a place to read a book or the paper or escape to your own little world. Conversation among strangers has never been (and never will be) a ‘thing’, any more than it is when simply walking down the street or eating at a restaurant. It’s just kind a creepy.

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