How San Francisco’s transit ballot measures fared in this election


Here’s how the transit ballot measures and BART Board of Director’s races fared (data according to SFGate):

  • Prop J (PDF), which would set aside funding (generated via the proposed sales tax increase in Prop K) for homelessness and transportation: passed
  • Prop K (PDF), which was a sales tax increase of $0.0075 to cover Prop J’s set aside: failed
  • Prop L (PDF), which would have shifted three of seven MTA Board appointments from the Mayor to the Board of Supervisors: failed
  • Prop RR, which was a $3.5 billion bond to repair and upgrade BART: passed
  • BART Board District 7: Lateefah Simon
  • BART Board District 9: Bevan Dufty

For more info, check out our Election Guide.

Photo by moppett65535 on Flickr

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  • Dexter Wong

    I think the Examiner’s headline said it best, “People want better Muni but refuse to pay for it.” (Yes on J and No on K.)

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