Even this BART ad can’t with 2016


When Amy sent this to me the other day, I was really confused. Was BART running vintage ads on purpose? Do they, like many of us, want this current year (and really, does 2017 look any better?) to not exist, and are thus choosing to live in the past?

In any case, check out this old-ass BART ad. I mean, those carpets


  • Dexter Wong

    Judging from the tear in the corner of the ad, maybe this was an old BART public service ad that was covered over by another ad until it was removed,

  • Thingmaker

    Intentionally retro… Has to be. Note the yellow tiles… Those are present only within the last decade or so.

    • SF Susan

      Are you certain about that? I’m pretty sure I remember the yellow tiles always being there. I’m inclined to believe it’s the original ad. Anyway, I like it.

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