An update on Peter Hartlaub’s 77X-Candlestick Express story


Back in 2014, journalist Peter Hartlaub took the stage at Muni Diaries Live to talk about the now-defunct 77X-Candlestick Express, a.k.a., the Muni Booze Cruise. That story is featured in this week’s podcast, and for that reason, we reached out to Peter to see if he had any “episode extras” he could send us. Boy, were we (and now, you!) in for a treat.

Here’s what Peter sent us:

Hello, Muni Diaries friends,

An update since my Muni Diaries tribute to the 77X Candlestick Express:

After the Muni Diary, I ended up going to the last game at Candlestick Park with my dad Phil Hartlaub, sister Toni Kam and aunt Susan Leal. I thought that would be my closure, but I was assigned to cover the last big event at the ‘Stick, Paul McCartney’s concert. I had seats on the field, but snuck up to Upper Box Section 32, and convinced an usher to let me sit in my family seats one more time – even though they were roped off. I listened to “Live and Let Die” and “Hey Jude,” then left.

Our Candlestick seats sit in my parents’ backyard. I’ve already retained a lawyer for the legal fight for them that will ensue between me and my sister when my parents are gone.

I haven’t traveled on a Muni Van Ness line since.

Wow. I love everything about this!!! (I’m willing to overlook the football parts.)

Thanks, Peter!

Top: The 77X-Candlestick Express, a.k.a., The Muni Booze Cruise
Below, top-down:
1. Peter waiting for Muni Booze Cruise during the final 49ers season
2. The booze cruise photo referenced in Peter’s diary with champagne bottle near the driver.
3. Peter and his family at the last 49ers game at Candlestick.





  • Dexter Wong

    I remember with fondness many Giant games played at Candlestick, most day games and a few night games, too. All using Muni’s Ballpark Express (47X in my day). But I never would have bought the seats I sat in, I wouldn’t know when to put them in my house.

  • I recall with affection the majority of day games and a few night games played at Candlestick by the Giants. Everyone utilizes Muni’s Ballpark Express (47X in my day). I would have never purchased the seats I sat on because I would not have known where to place them in my home.

  • The group rides the Ballpark Express (47X back in my day) on Muni.

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