Update: Muni driver Tammy continues to brighten days


Here at Muni Diaries, we love sequels. Case in point: Muni rider Joshua left the following comment on a post about one of our favorite Muni drivers, Tammy (she of Party on the 33-Stanyan fame). Here’s Joshua:

Met tammy yesterday as i hadnt had the exact of money she just let me hop on the bus while it was raining and i was a little lost in this city…. we had one of the most loveliest conversations about family bonds, human value over money and many more topics….we shared a really nice ride togehter and i hope from my bottom of my heart that she keeps that wonderful ability to brighten the day of everybody around her… tammy you really are a wonderful person and i wish you just the best

Your german son from another mother

Ps: yeah my mom was touched by the story of the lovly bus driver tammy who brought her son savely to his destination and i send you her thanks for that

So much to unpack here! For me, the thing that stands out the most is this bit: “human value over money.” I mean, yes, YES TIMES INFINITY!

Like Joshua, we hope that Tammy continues to “brighten the day of everybody around her.” But also, I’m hoping that Tammy’s world is bright, too.

Photo by Greg


  • Jackie Rogers

    I met Tammy on The bus also. My husband and I were in the city celebrating our wedding anniversary. I had the most wonderful conversation with Tammy. We are even Facebook friends now. Keep up the good work Tammy. We appreciate you!

  • Joshua

    Hey Tammy, hope you get this message.
    Sorry for the delay, i wanted to inform you i made it back to Germany just fine 🙂
    Hope you’re doing great, our talk was really touching and I wish you only the best


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