Muni driver plays Jedi mind tricks on ‘14-Mission’


When the sign on the 5-Fulton displayed the wrong line, the driver of said Muni bus opted to lightheartedly punk his passengers. Watch (read) the story unfold via @Bobakkabob37 on Twitter:

5 fulton driver by bobak

But first, he tries to convince riders that they are actually on Mission Street, but the locals aren’t buying it. Then…

5 fulton driver 2 by bobak

This is not the 5R they were looking for, nor was it the Muni ride these passengers expected.

Creative Muni signage is one of our favorite memes — who could forget the storied 3-Jacassus route? But this might be our first instance of a driver doubling down with an Obi-Wan Kenobi on his passengers.

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