Muni bus refuses to be defined by traditional line-naming

Why choose between two Chinatown lines when you could have a little of column A and a little of column B?

Rider @kilodelta reported this head-scratching Muni sign the other day. Is it equal parts 30-Stockton and 45-Union-Stockton? Is that this vehicle’s on-time rating? (At 66%, seems a bit high for a Stockton Street line).

Could this be the bus driver who also tried to pull the Jedi mind trick on a 5-Fulton driver recently?

We’ll take this confusion-inducer over the “Windows has computer” Powell station signage, which was really no help at all.

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  • Dexter Wong

    It would appear that this bus is running between Washington Square (Union and Columbus) and Caltrain Station (the common section between the 30 and 45 lines).

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