Strange cargo on Muni: They call me yellow cello


OK, it’s actually technically a bass, but now the headline doesn’t make sense.

Funny, cool, and odd, all at once: our favorite. As far as strange cargo on Muni goes, this is perhaps the friendliest-seeming one yet. I’d also like to direct your attention to the hat atop the head of the human holding the instrument. ’nuff said.

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Strange Cargo on Muni: Sleep Train Find

mattress on Muni

Friend of Muni Diaries Faern saw this nice young couple carting yet more strange Muni cargo—a mattress that looks like it  came straight out of someone’s bedroom, with the mattress pad and everything.

I mean, it’s no stranger than a giraffe leg or blow up doll, both witnessed by riders like you, and documented in our treasure chest of Strange Cargo on Muni.

Weirdness on your commute today? We’re all ears @munidiaries!

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