Rats on NYC Subway OMG!

Photo by Delusion Productions

If you thought finding an unidentified substance on a Muni seat was disgusting, consider the apparently worsening rat problems on the New York City Subway.

According to Huffington Post, a rider was taken to the hospital after getting scratched by a rat on the subway platform. Then there was the woman who was forced to drop trou on a crowded subway car when a rat ran up her her leg.

Makes you appreciate the …  uh … comforts of home, doesn’t it?

In Soviet Russia, Dogs Ride Metro!

Photo: AlphaTangoBravo/Adam Baker

As incredible as it may seem, the Moscow Metro is home to some 500 stray dogs, a number of which have taken to commuting by subway. Perhaps based on smell, the dogs appear to know which stations to exit from, and they’ve been known to wait patiently as trains pull up and the doors open. If only some Muni riders were that well trained, right?

The (non-human) animals on Muni are a very well-behaved lot, we’ve found. Never seen a dog on Muni? There are dogs on Muni.

Sleeping In Japanese Transit, Pt. 2


If this photo of a woman sound asleep on the train in Japan weren’t ridiculous enough, commenter Kristin pointed us to the baffling scene above. (Um, sir, shouldn’t you be using your superpowers to help that man find his pants?)

Kristin herself spent “many a NYE asleep on the Yamanote line, going around and around and around,” and wrote that when it comes to transit weirdness, nothing quite tops Japan. Naked men and Power Rangers … she just might have us convinced.

Hard Living in Tokyo?

Muni Diaries reader Jamie shared this funny photo taken during his trip to Tokyo. Too many late nights for this snoozing subway rider? Jamie has a more interesting theory: “pretty sure this lady was drunk at 6 a.m. on a Sunday.” We’re sure Jamie felt right at home, in that case.

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