BART issues new courtesy posters, offers etiquette lessons for trains


Because people sometimes often need advice on how to act like decent human beings, BART has issued new courtesy posters and a “crowded car survival guide” video aimed at teaching riders how to act on its trains. The poster and video tackle the often griped about backpack problem, how to let people off before you board, as well as no-brainers like giving your seat to pregnant, elderly, and disabled riders. Noticeably absent is the controversial topic of manspreading. BART just didn’t want to go there, we can only guess.

On the go this Ash Wednesday? Priests at Millbrae Station have got your back


Some days, it’s hard enough just to get to work on time wearing clean clothes. Apparently well aware of that reality, two priests from a Burlingame church were on hand at the Millbrae BART station this morning dispensing “ashes to go” to commuters for the first day of Lent. Pretty clever, we think.

Wait, they’re not asking believers to give up BART, are they? no. can. do.

h/t First Presbyterian Church of Burlingame

BART issues measles warning; commuters respond


If many of us weren’t already squeamish about invisible nastiness lurking on BART, things got a whole lot worse this week. Yesterday, BART officials announced that a Contra Costa County resident with measles commuted between the East Bay and San Francisco on Feb. 4 through 6, potentially exposing countless riders to the virus.


According to BART, the person traveled between the Lafayette and Montgomery Street Stations during the morning and evening commutes from 6 to 8 a.m. and 7 to 9 p.m. and spent time at San Francisco’s E & O Kitchen and Bar on the evening of Feb. 4. The San Francisco Chronicle has since identified the rider as an employee of LinkedIn. This is not the kind of networking we envisioned!
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BART dresses join rich collection of Bay Area wearable transit


It’s hard to imagine wanting anything BART touching your bare skin. But these dresses—one made with BART tickets, the other inspired by a station map—are amazing. (Spotted in the window of Piedmont Fabric in Oakland.)

This Bay Area transit-inspired fashion isn’t a one-off, either. Check out this rad Muni maps dress and this corgi dressed like a BART train.

These Clipper Card and Fast Pass Halloween costumes (who are those dorks, anyway?!) don’t involve nearly as much fashion-design know-how or, um, style, but we enjoy them all the same.

h/t Claire Little

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