Muni Book-Spotting Gem: The Princess Bride

Photo by blarfiejandro

100 Muni StoriesRemember books? We do. So do a lot of people who ride Muni all around San Francisco. @azurelunatic spotted one recently reading a particular book that caught her eye.

‪#sfmuni‬ Just spotted someone reading The Princess Bride. Yay!

What books have you seen people reading on Muni? Let us know, and also check out Between the Lines, a site devoted to this very topic.

When the Lights … Go Out … in Muni

Photo by juicyrai

100 Muni StoriesI remember the first time the lights went out for me. It was on an NYC subway, and I was pretty sure mayhem would follow. But my experience, and every time it’s happened since, was a lot like @sosaysjonathan‘s.

Yep. Strange, but nice.

*Sorry about that title up there. Couldn’t help myself. Heh.

Audio: Singing Muni Driver Serenades 27-Bryant Passengers

We’ve heard about him for years. Here’s some audio from the 71-Haight/Noriega that we posted via Tenderloin Geographic Society back in early 2011.

Then, last week, @funtobehad told us she heard the singing Muni driver on the 27-Bryant crooning away. She sent the video above. Anyone know the story on this guy? He gets radness points for saying the transfer lines.

Muni: Crush Laboratory

Photo by aloneinthismadhouse

100 Muni StoriesWe’ve seen our share of so-called bus crushes over the years. They can happen on any line, at any time of day, to just about anybody.

Recently, Maurissa experienced one:

This and other posts can be found in our 100 Days, 100 Muni Stories feature. Celebrate Muni’s centennial by sharing your best Muni stories, or tweet your favorite Muni moments with the hashtag #100MuniStories.

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