Linda calls for ‘organisation’ on the 22-Fillmore

Photo by Lynn Friedman

100 Muni StoriesThe “If I were God” game is a fun one. Linda played it recently on the 22-Fillmore, much to Timmie’s delight:

A reasonable request, however totally impossible. Esp. when it comes to Muni, amirite?

Reminder: You have until next Tuesday to submit your best Muni tales for the 100 Days, 100 Muni Stories feature. After that, we’ll consult with our pal Isaac Fitzgerald to determine who’s ball of yarn is the best — that one’ll be excerpted for bus ads on every Muni bus in town. Rad, we know.

No, but thanks for asking

Photo by John ‘K’

Sam had a noteworthy experience on Muni recently. On her Tumblr, she called this “Lady next to me on Muni.” Here’s what happened:

LADY: *something in a different language*
ME: I’m sorry, what?
LADY: *again in different language*
ME: What?
LADY: You don’t speak Ordu?
ME: No, I’m Iranian.
LADY: Oh.. are you Iranian Muslim?
ME: No, I’m not religious
LADY: …..
ME: …..
LADY: ……
she goes and sits somewhere else

Score one for honesty!

Charmed on the 17-Park Merced

Photo by kathleenma

100 Muni StoriesYou know when you see something cute, and it makes you wanna do funny things? It happened to @elissaANNtorres on Muni.

Cute dogs do it to me, though I doubt seriously I could get a dog to play patty cake with me.

Muni Book-Spotting Gem: The Princess Bride

Photo by blarfiejandro

100 Muni StoriesRemember books? We do. So do a lot of people who ride Muni all around San Francisco. @azurelunatic spotted one recently reading a particular book that caught her eye.

‪#sfmuni‬ Just spotted someone reading The Princess Bride. Yay!

What books have you seen people reading on Muni? Let us know, and also check out Between the Lines, a site devoted to this very topic.

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