It’s 5:45 A.M. at El Cerrito (w/update)

crowded BART train
Photo by Flickr user susan magnolia

Update (7:52 a.m.): The Bay Bridge is open to car traffic, according to CBS 5.

Original post: This just in from Mac, who doesn’t seem to think this unexpected day of no Bay Bridge has started off too well.

It’s 5.45am, and the platform at El Cerrito plaza is unusually busy. I hopped the first sf train (8 cars), and there are 4 open seats after I sit, and we’re not even in berk yet. Bart announced that despite the bridge remaining closed for un unexpected extra day, it won’t be running extra trains today. The bridge carries 250,000 cars per day. BART’s suggestion to commuters on KRON news last night was to telecommute (aka ‘snow day’). Newsflash to Bart: People don’t commute in for jollies, they commute because they have to. And today looks to be especially unpleasant.

Let us know how your commute is going today: