Muni service delayed on N-Judah and J-Church — How was it for you? reports that Muni service delayed on N-Judah and J-Church:

Muni bus shuttles will be used to try to ease delays on the light rail N-Judah and J-Church lines throughout the morning commute today, according to a Muni spokesman.

How did the delay affect your day today? Did you spring the cash to take a cab? Walk to your destination to burn a couple of calories? Have more time to chat with the hottie next to you at the bus stop about yet another Muni mishap? Drop us a comment at Muni Diaries and let us know!

A streetcar named …

It’s very popular (and, admittedly, very easy) to bag on Muni’s faults — there are so many of them. However, I am often a huge fan of the trolley/streetcar lines, especially the underground tunnels and the restored fleet of streetcars that run along the F-Market line.

Even though they are technically only used on that line, I’ve seen them toodling down the J-Church line. Since they’re always empty, I assumed they always dumped the passengers off at some point and then just went down to Balboa Park to turn around.

Yesterday, after paying a visit to the San Francisco Railway Museum, where they encourage you to go out and see the streetcars and view them as “museums in motion,” we hopped on an F train and intended to ride it to Church St. and transfer to the J. We sat in the comfy leather seats and I read the information placard on the train that explained it was the 1055, a restored car from Philadelphia, originally painted green/cream/red.

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