Fare Evasion, MacGyver Style

Ok, I know that people who bike really don’t want to ride the bus, but at the risk of your life and limb?

Thanks, Uptown Almanac and Wiggly Giggle.

  1. SFNative

    The sad part is that if he got ran over by the train his family members would sue MUNI despite it being clearly his fault.


    • Maxi Slate

      I’m with you on that.

      Yeah, it totally sucks that passengers are unable to bring bikes on board any Muni rail vehicle at anytime because its Muni’s policy.

  2. Stannous Flouride

    That’s the J Church right of way between 20th and 22nd Sts.
    There are a few bumps in there, about 8 total but it’s definitely ride-able even with what appears to be a fixie.
    So my first thought is “What a pussy!”

    I used to live at 26th & Church and rode that right of way in the 70s before it was even paved. Sometimes, for a challenge I’d go over that hill on the right. (I was younger then)

    • eugenia

      You counted the bumps? :) Awesome. Still, I think I’ll risk my life Muni the regular way…

  3. Isn’t the point of a bike to exercise? I am confused why he would stow away on the back of the van? Guess he was tired…

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