Living in San Francisco Means…

Our pal Broke Ass Stuart and the amazing artist Wendy MacNaughton teamed up to talk about what living in San Francisco means. In their Bold Italic feature, Stuart and Wendy captured all the flavors of San Francisco living. And that most definitely included our lives on public transportation:

It means riding the Night Owl and thinking you’re gonna get mugged by the teenagers in the back. Taking the 22 from the Marina to the Dogpatch and observing the city’s vast spectrum of existence. Sitting on BART and trying not to think about what lives inside those cushions. Riding Muni and seeing feats both beautiful and wretched within seconds of each other.

Click over to Living in SF Means at the Bold Italic and read all about who has a crush on the girl at Tartine, the better excuse for drinking Tecate, and all the other quirks that make San Francisco the center of our universe.

  1. asfd

    Liberals are not open minded at all. They are big hypocrites. If you disagree with them they get all butt hurt and will not respect your opposing views.

    • jeff

      well, well, that’s a mighty large paintbrush you’re using, “asfd.”

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