Clipping Nails on Muni, the 2011 edition

When we started Muni Diaries, one of the first stories was about nail-clipping on the bus. It’s become such a popular rant that we even incorporate it into Muni Diaries Live in the audience portion — Suzanne’s big toenail clipper is the signal that your time on stage is up. I guess when some people have to clip their nails, the urge to so is like needing your fix for caffeine, chocolate, or heroin.

That, or people still don’t care that this ends up online.

Photo by Muni rider XC.

  1. Thank you! I am a new reader to Muni Diaries. The nail clip issue is revolting as was the styrofoam coffee cup and food wrappers that rolled onto my shoes yesterday. Is clipping nails on a shaking bus is a risk-tasking behavior – a challenge to be completed w/o drawing blood?? Perhaps a sign like the old New York City Subway “NO SPITTING” sign needs to be on MUNI:
    “NO nails, fluids from your body, or crap-you shouldnt-have-on-the-bus should be left behind”.
    Needs tightening up, I think…

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  2. Rob Nagle

    I still don’t understand why, I would be embarrassed to do it, like picking at my teeth or something.

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  3. Karen

    If we stopped cropping out the faces, maybe people would be shamed into stopping.

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  4. seth

    i’ll clip my nails on MUNI or BART 1,000 times before riding with shorts on…

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