It’s Always Snacktime on Muni

Photo: joshleejosh

100 Muni StoriesReal, honest-to-goodness Muni is found just as easily in 140 characters as it is in 1,400. To whit:

@alleekate418: On the T watching a man eat something out of his shoe.

What kind of shoe, I wonder? And are we talking M&Ms or mashed potatoes?

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Is springtime nosepicking season on Muni?

Photo by birdsintheframe

An unusual flurry of Muni tweets were spotted recently mentioning seeing someone on Muni digging for gold:

Friday, April 6: “this lady on the 29 dug for gold up her right [nostril] & wiped it on her toddler’s back.” – @KatmanduHerself
Monday, April 9: “woman on the L drinking beer, picking her nose, wiping mouth with baby bonnet, flipping off an older lady, stickers on glasses” – @Zangelman
Monday, April 9: “Serious nose pickage on the 1BX right now. I thought this was a classier ride…” – @im_crafty

It made us wonder why, all of a sudden, such a phenomenon would unfold. Could it be … allergies? Also: Stop it, people.

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